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Welcome to CargoNet Qatar, where the world of import-export meets seamless logistics. For over two decades, we have proudly served as the trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike, offering a comprehensive range of services to import and export goods from Qatar to destinations across the globe.

Import/Export Specialist:  Habeeb K.A (Operations Coordinator)  Call/Whatsapp : +974 66602354 / [email protected] 

Our Extensive Services

Vehicles and More:

  • Cars: Effortlessly transport your vehicles, ensuring they reach their destination safely.
  • Motorbikes: Trust us to deliver your motorbikes securely to any part of the globe.
  • Boats: Ship your boats with confidence, knowing they are in reliable hands.
  • Automobile Parts: From vehicles to components, we handle the logistics seamlessly.
house hold items shipment

General Cargo:

  • Heavy Machinery: Move industrial equipment and machinery with ease.
  • Electronics: Safely export and import electronic devices and components globally.
  • Textiles and Apparel: Seamlessly transport textiles and clothing items to markets worldwide.
  • Furniture: Trust us to handle the shipping of your furniture with care.
  • Perishable Goods: Ensure the secure and timely transport of food and agricultural products.

Specialized Services:

  • Art and Antiques: Safeguard your valuable art pieces and antiques during international transit.
  • Medical Supplies: Ship medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and supplies with precision.
  • Construction Materials: Efficiently transport construction materials to global destinations.
  • Aircraft Parts: Facilitate the movement of critical aircraft components and parts.
  • Livestock: Ensure the safe and humane transportation of animals worldwide.
  • Personal Effects: Trust us to handle the shipment of your personal belongings during relocation.
  • Event Logistics: Transport equipment and materials for events and exhibitions globally.
  • E-commerce Shipments: Streamline the shipping of products for your e-commerce business on a global scale.
  • Musical Instruments: Safely transport musical instruments, ensuring they reach their destination intact.


Trust our years of expertise and commitment to secure and timely deliveries.


Our streamlined process ensures your cargo reaches its destination efficiently.

Customer Support

We're here to address any queries and provide support throughout the shipping process.

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